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October 20, 2019
Committee Information

Explorer Post 5513

This program is intended for young men and women who are interested in pursuing firefighting as a career.


Students will learn the everyday activities of life as a firefighter, how to become a firefighter, and what is expected of firefighters. They will also learn the physical and educational requirements needed to obtain a career in the fire industry.


This program is intended for students between the ages of 13-18.


The students who wish to participate will receive education and training at Bonita Springs Fire-Rescue, Station One. Young men and women will work together as a team to complete training designated by their Coordinator, Firefighter Paul Devan. Firefighters can educate the group on the history of the fire department in Bonita Springs and individual firefighters can speak to the students about their own experience with the fire service and what they did to achieve their careers. Students can assist the firefighters with their daily activities and so will receive volunteer hour certificates to turn into their schools for graduation credit. Students can watch the training activities that are scheduled at the stations as firefighters narrate and provide education on the events. Explorers can participate in obstacle courses that will instruct them on what can be expected during the physical agility test required to become hired at any department and throughout their career as a firefighter. Students will receive a certificate of completion and a volunteer hours certificate.


Explorers meet once a week to continue their education and training and participate in competitions alongside other Explorer teams throughout the country.



Schedule Ridealong


Contact: Paul Devan

IAFF and MDA: A Proud Partnership

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) is the largest national sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). More than 280,000 members of the IAFF in the United States and Canada are pledged to saving lives, both as fire fighters and paramedics and as the strongest campaigners for the worldwide research efforts of MDA to eradicate 40 neuromuscular diseases. The contributions of the fire fighters also go towards MDA’s summer camps for children, professional and public health education, and other programs.

As the greatest contributor to MDA, fire fighters are everywhere in the efforts of MDA to raise money. The IAFF is the biggest sponsor of MDA’s Labor Day Telethon and it contributed a record breaking $23.5 million in year 2006 as a consequence of the overwhelming enthusiasm and contribution of tens and thousands of fire fighters and paramedics across the US and Canada. IAFF members have donated nearly $275 million to MDA since 1954.

The IAFF raised millions of dollars throughout the entire year through their passionate Fill the Boot campaigns, in which fire fighters greet motorists, shoppers and others and ask them to donate money to MDA. This year’s upcoming IAFF-MDA events are expected to raise even more to cure these crushing illnesses.

The marriage between the devotion of fire fighters with the cause of MDA has emerged as one of the strongest example of selflessness in the history of charity, and IAFF General President Harold A. Schaitberger is committed to elevating this tradition to even higher levels. The IAFF is designing a plan to further expand and enhance the IAFF’s relationship and role with MDA.

Over the ensuing decades, the commitment of the professional fire fighters to the cause of MDA has further elevated their status as extraordinary professionals who not only put their lives at stake to save citizens from ruthless flames, but also give their time to save the lives of the innocent from equally merciless neuromuscular diseases. The devotion of IAFF members has not only helped MDA, but also united fire fighters in a community where they share their team strength and brotherhood to give better meaning to lives and hope for the future.

Contact: Grant Wells
IAFF Local 3444
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